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REC*REATION IS RE*CREATION  TM This is the Mantra for the Humane Renaissance Movement- and name of programs presented by the HRM.  Come join us and actualize your spirituality through sports,recreation,”A Kind Heart with Helping Hands” and  “Common Unity “.

The Humane Renaissance Movement  (HRM) is a not for profit organization. We have a fiscal sponsor now,with a Tax ID # and will get our own 501c3 in the future.  The name means; Humane- marked by compassion, sympathy, or consideration for humans or animals. Renaissance-a rebirth, renew and revival of. Movement- is either the appearance or increased popularity of a specific school of philosophy. So, we are simply a group of people that “love people and want to do good for all people”, using sports, recreation, “A Kind Heart with Helping Hand” and ” Common Unity”.

HRM is about facilitating change in people through sports, recreation and the building of a Community- “Common Unity” of like minded, kind hearted people everywhere.  The core of Community- “Common Unity” is a unifying movement to encourage LOVE, COOPERATION and HARMONY for and between the entire Human Family.  We are Agents for Change starting from within ourselves and moving out into neighborhoods, communities, cities and the WORLD.  We are the Change we want to see in the WORLD.

We have a mantra,” REC*REATION IS RE*CREATION TM “.  A Mantra is a formula or a word with spiritual significance. A personal comment, some of you may not appreciate the use of spiritual.  Sports and recreation provides character building.  I have trained and participated in many athletic endeavors which required lots of training and physical hardship like in 2000 the Big Ride Across America for the American Lung Association.  From Seattle, Wa to Washington, DC in 48 days and we (200 of us) raised over 1 million dollars for the ALA.  What I know is that I became closer to GOD and more spiritual as a result of this and other endeavors.  How many times do you say- OH GOD, Help me LORD when you are training and competing? How many times have you seen athletes make the cross your heart gesture when competing or after a successful competition? Do you see the wisdom in it is hard to get into shape but easy to get out of shape? The salvation is in the work, deliverance from an undesirable state or condition. REC*REATION IS RE*CREATION TM mantra is GOD sent- come grow in your spirituality with HRM and let’s change the WORLD.

Our plan is to raise 1 million dollars (at least) by selling the mantra on t-shirts, bumper stickers and plaques for wall display.  The target market keywords; people, individuals, groups, parents, teachers at all levels, sports, recreation, physical therapy, religion, spiritual, healing, counselors, sports trainers, sports medicine, sport agents, coaches, owners of sports teams, all athletes, sport equipment makers, health clubs, health supplements, organic food, sports drinks, sports apparel makers, law enforcement(police athletic league)…etc- you get the idea we have a huge market and this market is forever growing. Our marketing plan offers private labeling for any business entity to facilitate advertising for them.  Effectively allowing any entity to write off purchases as advertising expense to reduce their tax liability and also a tax deduction as we have a Tax ID #.  This is a unifying movement that requires a non-competitive internalization between all entities using our mantra. Everyone involved with HRM is about promoting “Common Unity” in the WORLD and with the use of our mantra, we are one voice with one song and eveyone can sing together.  We offer 3 deliverable to business entities, use of our mantra as advertising will increase your customer base and revenue.  As a partner with HRM, our community will support your business and promote your business- we are all family. HRM is planing a Mega Fitness/Sports/Recreation gathering and we will promote your business, products and services.   The entire sports/recreation/fitness industry will benefit in the long run, more people doing activities makes for more customers and more revenue.

The monies raised will go into our “Holistic Fund”  meaning the whole-mind,body and spirit fund, to be used for “Funding Fulfillment Endeavors and Experiences for Humane Growth”.  The HRM Community and Partners will bring Fun Runs, Recreational Activities, Sports, Health/Beauty/Spiritual Expos and Cycling events to communities- many communities would never have this opportunity to get this  “Breath of Life”. The HRM is not limited to just these endeavors, your creativity is desired to create and develop projects that are in line with our “Lifestyle Goals”.  you may want to start a tutoring program, take kids to a Museum or recycle computer to give to low income people, the HRM would be supportive of those projects.  Under the “Lifestyle Goal” , ” A Kind Heart with Helping Hands” many projects will be supported.   The HRM Community and Partners with our skills and wisdom will take every opportunity to speak to people so we can better understand their needs to enable us to “be of service” to the WORLD.  I have notice that many of our early adopters are good hearted people working in Social Services, Life Coach Counseling and Body/Mind Healers that want to serve,connect with and heal our WORLD. By joining HRM, they are on the staight path to their life’s mission and goal.

Sincerely with Much Love and Respect,

The Humane Renaissance Movement Community
REC*REATION IS RE*CREATION TM  This is the Mantra for the Humane Renaissance Movement-  and name of programs presented by the HRM. Come join us and actualize your spirituality through sports,recreation, ” A Kind Heart with Helping Hands” and “Common Unity”.


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